Ride Norfolk Refund Policy 4.0

No refunds shall be issued for persons who have purchased individual tickets.

Persons or agencies that have purchased bulk tickets (5 tickets or more) shall be entitled to a full refund under the following circumstance:

  • Ride Norfolk discontinues services and the person or agency submits their unused tickets with a written request for refund. Include full contact info including name and mailing address. The refund cheque will only be sent to the address provided.

Request must be received within 60 days of the cancelation of service.

Requests for refunds of bulk tickets shall be directed to attention of:

Public Transportation Coordinator
95 Culver Street
Simcoe ON, N3Y 2V5
Telephone: 519-428-3178
Fax: 519-428-0074
Email: info@ridenorfolk.ca

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